MO Group Inc.

MO Group is an indigenous, technology-driven conglomerate with vibrant member companies and affiliated businesses. It epitomizes the indigenous Nigerian enterprise Spirit with diverse interests in Agriculture, Real estate investment, Legal services, Project management, Corporate advisory, and many others.

MO Group has, over the past years, built its reputation on the foundation of integrity, resilience, teamwork, and providing great value through excellent professional culture. The group is established as a strong player in its markets and has demonstrated exceptional performance through excellent service delivery to our clientele and forming strategic trade relationships within and outside the shores of Nigeria.

Our Mission

To consistently deliver great value to clients through excellent people.

Our Vision

To redefine excellence in business

Our Core Values
  • Efficiency
  • Excellence
  • Enterprise
  • Dynamism

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  • MO Real Estate
  • MO Advisory (Nigeria & South Africa)
  • MO Agro Industry

At MO Group, we pride ourselves as leaders in the property development industry. That’s why through our member company, MO Real estate investment limited, we made it our goal to provide contemporary styled and affordable homes, hotels, malls, educational institutes, hospitals, marionettes, shops, offices, works and conveniences, etc. for the modern Nigerian client.

MO Real estate investment is a property development and real estate managment company. We provide exceptional high quality developments that deliver value to our clients and perform our tasks with the corporate philosophy of excellence and trust based on the principle of respect for human values while pursuing excellence in quality delivery.

MO Real estate investment offers reliable competitive as well as affordable pricing real estate properties in Nigeria.

MO Advisory is a top tier management consultancy firm dedicated to providing multidisciplinary professional services and improving the efficiency of businesses worldwide. Whilst leveraging on cutting edge technology to boost productivity and enhance service delivery, the firm is committed to working its clients through complexities and operational problems. Thereby finding solutions and adding value.

As an international firm with branches in Nigeria and South Africa, its services cut across, but are not limited to, human resources, manufacturing and business services, marketing, financial and management controls, skills development, as well as business and supply chain management.

The quality of service rendered by the firm is what sets it apart from its contemporaries. With partners and staff armed with local and international market knowledge, clients have access to tailor-specific services that address their pain points.

MO Agro Industry is a fully integrated business that specializes in farming, agricultural product trading, agro-allied services, and agrochemicals. We have a lot of expertise in agriculture, both in the domestic and international markets.

We are dedicated to our customers’ utmost satisfaction and strive hard to accomplish it. What sets us apart from our competitors is our commitment to providing high-quality services and products.

Our services and products include poultry, cereal, fish farming, cattle rearing, dairy product production, agrochemical production, agricultural product selling, distribution, and processing.

MO Agro Industry has a long history of honesty and outstanding customer service.  Our team comprises of professionals who are Agro industrialists. We are very proficient, meticulous, and painstaking in our approach to work. We are commercially minded individuals with a proven record of successes with transactions, successful team building and communication with clients. Ours is a group of professionals who are young, vibrant and creative in seeking and finding commercial solutions to resolving challenges and are systematically analytical in our approach to work.